Friday, December 21, 2007

New Releases and Xmas Gifts Hunt!

The x-mas hunt is about to start at 6.30 am SLT we are going to fire our "cannons" and the gifts will start to pop all over the sims :), I'm including as today special a sLwim Super-Dive, which is an interactive dive-board! come hunt at Malinconia and Ravenwear!!

2 new releases:

Toasty is an awesome sweater with sculpt collar, cuffs and bottom part! it's only 150L$ come grab it to feel warmer :)

Dolly is a really cute dress, includes 2 kinds of skirt, 1 is sort of a babydoll and the other is lower, both skirts have a texture switcher script with 3 textures and includes a lot of clothing layers to allow all kinds of mix! its a bargain for only 250L$

All this happens at Malinconia, teleport now!

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