Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2 New releases and a freeeebie

Hey there! I've been slacking on releasing new stuff lately... but I did make a lot!! right starting with 3 new things for this week:

Bella Skirt.. its a full sculptie skirt! with special features! like raising ! and texture switch! ( L$ 200 )

Shortie.. its a sculptie top that like the Bella skirt features a raise :O to show off :P and a texture switch to switch prints... ( L$ 150 )

Annnnd! if you subscribe to my Notices HUD you can receive this awesome special bikini!! for free of course :) So just tp to my shop grab the hud , wear it and touch the page of the freebie to receive it! (un-wear the hud when done duh!)

You find all here:

A little note to my sLwim customers also! under Havok4 sims the attachments aren't working proper! Sidewinder Linden keeps ignoring me :/ so please! bother the LAZY LINDENS!! IM them all!

Also remember to support the REAL designers, and vote those issues: and

and a YaY for: