Sunday, December 23, 2007

Malinconia Hunt , new gifts!

Replacing 2 presents, today I'm adding a full outfit :O Natalia, check it:

And a special reindeer vehicle that sits 3 avatars :P !

Happy Xmas.

Friday, December 21, 2007

New Releases and Xmas Gifts Hunt!

The x-mas hunt is about to start at 6.30 am SLT we are going to fire our "cannons" and the gifts will start to pop all over the sims :), I'm including as today special a sLwim Super-Dive, which is an interactive dive-board! come hunt at Malinconia and Ravenwear!!

2 new releases:

Toasty is an awesome sweater with sculpt collar, cuffs and bottom part! it's only 150L$ come grab it to feel warmer :)

Dolly is a really cute dress, includes 2 kinds of skirt, 1 is sort of a babydoll and the other is lower, both skirts have a texture switcher script with 3 textures and includes a lot of clothing layers to allow all kinds of mix! its a bargain for only 250L$

All this happens at Malinconia, teleport now!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Designers and Bloggers please read!!

Introducing the Notices HUD:

Forget groups number cap , forget to go visit every shop to read past notices in a small blue window, or to loose items being delivered to you due to IM cap and forget the bugged notices which you never know if you send/receive them!

The Notices HUD solves all those issues , and does even more!

You can compare it to a web blog, where you can be alerted of a new post using rss and you actually read it clear with pictures and have hyperlinks to other pages, all this happens INSIDE Second Life with the Notices HUD.

It includes a few objects:

A manager hud, which is the tool from which you add/delete pages, and which sends IM alerts when a new post is done. (the manager hud can be used even from other people, so don't worry if you want someone else to do this work for you)

A drop-box where you put items you want to deliver to your readers using the Notices HUD.

A special Profile Picks Crawler drop-box, which with the new search will boost your sales! Where when you drop an item it will send that item to your subscribed readers who have your shop/location in them top picks! (for when you wanna do big gifts!)

And finally the Notices HUD which will be yes copy/yes transfer so you can let people grab a copy and they can even spread it around!!!

Lets see how this hud works (don't mind the look.. It's pretty much simple, but you can send to me a customized version for your activity and I will adapt it):

2 arrows which you can assume are to be used by the readers to scroll between pages and each time the hud opens a page a text will show in the object owner chat.

A big frame where you are able to put the texture of the notice , which can be clicked and can either link to a webpage or deliver an item from your drop-box.

2 buttons to subscribe or un-subscribe from the alert IMs.

As you can see it's a great tool for designers as "update group" but not only! Even bloggers or press can use in amazing ways!

To try it out please go at my shop where you can grab my Notices HUD for Malinconia updates at this location:

For more informations contact me in world via IM at Aria Alexandria (don't worry if I'm offline I will receive it anyway).

I'm currently looking for testers so if you have a big shop or a big number of fans ( I need to stress test my server :) ) don't hesitate to contact me for a free test period!!

Oh, the price... It well be a rent... and it will be cheap enough, plus I will do a special discount for non-profit uses.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Introducing: Simply the best way to do gifts.

"No copy" objects in secondlife are annoying, I tend to buy easy "yes copy", but when I see "no copy" I really think about it before pressing the pay button.
The reason is simple, it's much easier to loose them, and if they are wearables you usually need to resize, fit and what not! So you like the ability to copy them.

So far to do gifts there were just few ways, most common just IM the shop owner and ask to kind drop to someone something, annoying.
Another was some scripted vendor you could give the name of the person to deliver to, but again annoying cos the person could just refuse not knowing what is happening.
And the worst in my opinion are scripted gift cards, lets face it, in RL we have credit cards because in RL exists CASH, in SL your money is already handled in a "credit card" fashion, so why make more complexity layers :O ??!!

So... here it is the solution:

Simply go at your favorite shop and when you find something you would like to buy as gift click the vendor with right click and select "Gift"

A dialog will now show alerting you that you are buying as gift

Now simply pay the vendor using the standard fast-pay

Now lets imagine you go meet your friend/lover/enemy and you give them the gift, which is just a simple box to wear, when worn it will open the map and point at the shop location, ready for teleport, whenever he/she wants so they can teleport at the shop and there touch the box to receive the actual gift content

The box is now useless and can be deleted, enjoy your Gift :)

And yes , this system is super easy to set up and very safe!

For informations contact Aria Alexandria in world.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hello World!

Well, first post... but does that matter anyway ?
Anyway I used to be Sinister Scripture... Most known for the sLwim system which allows to swim in secondlife and lot else! and the Smart Skirt script thing.
Tho I started to do too many things... clothing, furniture and lot projects in this brain! So I needed a unique name which would allow me freedom of what I wanna make and release. And something that remains in people minds, so there it is : Malinconia ! It's an italian word.