Friday, December 7, 2007

Introducing: Simply the best way to do gifts.

"No copy" objects in secondlife are annoying, I tend to buy easy "yes copy", but when I see "no copy" I really think about it before pressing the pay button.
The reason is simple, it's much easier to loose them, and if they are wearables you usually need to resize, fit and what not! So you like the ability to copy them.

So far to do gifts there were just few ways, most common just IM the shop owner and ask to kind drop to someone something, annoying.
Another was some scripted vendor you could give the name of the person to deliver to, but again annoying cos the person could just refuse not knowing what is happening.
And the worst in my opinion are scripted gift cards, lets face it, in RL we have credit cards because in RL exists CASH, in SL your money is already handled in a "credit card" fashion, so why make more complexity layers :O ??!!

So... here it is the solution:

Simply go at your favorite shop and when you find something you would like to buy as gift click the vendor with right click and select "Gift"

A dialog will now show alerting you that you are buying as gift

Now simply pay the vendor using the standard fast-pay

Now lets imagine you go meet your friend/lover/enemy and you give them the gift, which is just a simple box to wear, when worn it will open the map and point at the shop location, ready for teleport, whenever he/she wants so they can teleport at the shop and there touch the box to receive the actual gift content

The box is now useless and can be deleted, enjoy your Gift :)

And yes , this system is super easy to set up and very safe!

For informations contact Aria Alexandria in world.


swaffette Firefly said...

sounds ideal :) would help no end id love to see it working

Sasy Scarborough said...

that sounds amazing Im with Swaffette, would love to see it in action .

xxoxoSasy xoxo

Sasy Scarborough said...

actualy now I reread it a few times lol, its realy like a card but more personalised in the sense that you have actualy picked the item for them , so thats very cool , but what if the box you get from the vendor doesnt deliver etc sl bugs, also would it work with other scripts that you already have in your vendors, such as meta card or split commisions or programmes for sales tracking etc?

xoxo Sasy xoxo

Aria Alexandria said...

Alright, non-deliver issues are like every non-deliver issue we have already with normal boxes, they may happen, but honestly on my sim I had like 1 or 2 non deliver in hmm a lot..... sales :) , except those bad SL days of course where all fails hehe, but yeah you threat em as normal anyway.
Yes can be compatible with other scripts with some tweaking.
I have a draft instructions notecard for designers in world so just IM me for more infos!